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Event Apps Are Evolving

Event Apps Are Evolving

Event apps are not new to us as a business – we first used an event app about 3 years ago, when we had the app developed specifically for a huge event of 3000 people. The app was very static, factual and functional, with little interactivity – but it was a great...

67 Minutes – What we learnt…

67 Minutes – What we learnt…

It’s that time of the year again – in July, the month of Mandela’s birthday, businesses all over South Africa engage in their 67 minutes of community service. “By devoting 67 minutes of their time – one minute for every year of Mandela’s public service – people can...

Creativity in Event Planning

Creativity in Event Planning

No one sets out to organize the “most boring event of all time.” Event planners want to be remembered for incorporating originality and imagination into their events. Sometimes however, there are boundaries to our creativity in the form of a limited budget, a...

The Event Brief, a Clients Role

For a supplier, receiving a clear event brief makes the proposal process so much easier. It is the difference between presenting a fabulous proposal that will tick all the boxes for the client and expertly manage all their expectations, and presenting a proposal that...