When we were approached by CANSA Shavathon to manage one of their fundraising events at the Forest Hill City Mall in Centurion, we were delighted to get involved and volunteer our time and expertise, as well as include some of our invaluable suppliers.

Many of our staff members and suppliers were very happy to work for the day, and the experience was heartwarming, uplifting and absolutely inspiring for everyone involved!

So what happens when you go all out for a cause like this one? Something like cancer that has touched so many lives?

  • You remember a loved one who succumbed to this disease.
  • You comfort someone on the day, or simply remember someone important with them.
  • You are amazed and inspired at how many people will contribute towards this cause and it reaffirms your faith in humanity.
  • You are reminded of your own humanity and how lucky you are.
  • You are reminded that Doing Good Does You Good!


We would like to thank our wonderful staff, amazing suppliers (DNG, Solitaire, Barmotion, Ninirichi and Creative Concepts), numerous marvelous individual volunteers including The Panda Crew, our superb sponsors (Forest Hill City, Pick ‘n Pay, Dream Nails, Cell C and Barbie & Kids), and the brilliant celebrities who joined us on the day, Bernalee Daniel (Miss SA 1995) and Armand Du Plessis (Mr SA 2015).

But most of all, we would like to thank the amazing community who embraced this initiative and gave of themselves for a very worthy cause!

Signing off,

Margarita (326x171)