No one sets out to organize the “most boring event of all time.” Event planners want to be remembered for incorporating originality and imagination into their events. Sometimes however, there are boundaries to our creativity in the form of a limited budget, a conservative theme or a strict corporate identity which leaves little to the imagination.

At Old Shanghai Events Company, we have been doing this for many years, often with the same clients or the same event over consecutive years! While this definitely shows that we know what we’re doing, it does mean that we have to be innovative in our planning, to ensure we get the desired results.

One of the most important themes that emerged from our Event Managers was the focus on the delegate and how to make them feel valued. This can be achieved in so many ways, whether it is personal touches that make delegates feel special; incorporating different elements throughout the event to ensure that everyone has an engaging and interesting experience; personalised communication or special offers exclusive to the event.

Some fantastic examples of how we’ve applied this include:

  • Creating an upmarket exclusive cigar lounge for guests to network and learn more about this long standing social activity.
  • A red carpet, paparazzi-style welcome for guests who enjoy being the centre of attention, or those who love taking selfies.
  • Aloes painted blue to match our client’s corporate colours – in giant lightbulbs which are switched on! A cool, simple and striking centerpiece!
  • Cool props and interactive photobooths for the younger crowd.
  • Using unusual elements such as origami birds (in the brand colours), with natural décor to create a relaxed, inviting and still very much corporate atmosphere.
  • Linking brand messaging to different activities such as “Power… Formula 1 racing cars”, “Diversity … different colours of communication”, “Review & way forward … Nautical / Navigation” elements.
  • Creating an engaging and fun “touch competition” for a client with a “Touch” theme – blindfolded delegates guess competition elements using touch only. The amount of laughter and competitiveness was testament to the successfulness of this activity!

origami_1 (1024x676)

Depending on your audience and the type of event you are planning, there are hundreds of ways to make your delegates feel important, add creativity and innovation and still meet your brief and budget. This is what makes good events great and ensures that delegates keep coming back!

Signing off,

Margarita (326x171)