When Brett Lindeque handed out his #RAK (Random Act of Kindness) challenge in 2014, no one had any idea how HUGE this was about to become! According to Lead SA (http://leadsa.co.za/?p=23756), by giving a homeless man a meal, and using the power of social media to ‘pay it forward’, his nomination went viral. Within an hour the video had received 3000 views and by the next morning, Lindeque had been interviewed by news networks across the globe, including the BBC. To date, the video has been viewed over 780,000 times!

More importantly it spawned thousands of similar videos, reaching, physically affecting and improving millions of lives, and in addition, created 3 dedicated feedings schemes in Canada, the USA and Ireland which are still running today.

In 2015, Old Shanghai Events Company was nominated to be a part of the initial phase of #RAK15.

Brett kicked off the #RAK15 movement via an insert on Carte Blanche: the initial Random Act of Kindness included 30 people visiting a children’s home, and each company that participated was asked to nominate 3 companies to pay it forward.

Our #RAK15 was a visit to eDeaf to surprise the kids with a random break time party – with chips, sweets and soft drinks. The purpose was to spread some unexpected kindness and to nominate more people to participate so that the momentum doesn’t stop.

We nominated the following suppliers:

  • Ninirichi
  • Missing Link

What did our suppliers get up to when paying this forward?

Ninirichi spent a rewarding morning at “Die Huis” retirement home where they donated orchids to liven up their social area, and gave their knitting club 250 balls of wool! The wool is used when knitting squares to make up blankets for underprivileged communities – providing the raw materials to help sow the seeds of love!

Missing Link took their entire staff to a Checkers store and relieved the staff and car guards of their duties for a few hours! They directed cars, packed shelves, worked at the tills, packed groceries, helped shoppers to their cars …….what a team!

Each company has also nominated 3 others, and so the kindness continues!

View our cool video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQwt5QmQsfc#t=42

Signing off,

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