Managing Director

I am a quirky creative Girl Scout, and a germaphobe. My strengths: I am cool, calm and collected, staring into the face of all challenges with a smile. Andy started at Old Shanghai in 2007 as the Client Services Director, and became the MD in 2009.

Senior Event Manager

I am cool, calm and collected. My strengths: I am detailed, organized and unflappable. Bea joined the team in January 2008. She is the Key Account Manager for Tiger Brands and various other clients.

Senior Event Manager

I am an energetic, dynamic business woman and feel inspired, resourceful, driven and thrive on diversity, as well as logistical and creative challenges. I LOVE travelling the world, with a passion for what I do. No job is too big, small, remote, far away, intricate or complex. After being in the events industry for over 15 years, I have made it my mission to make sure that every campaign and/or event is a unique experience to remember.

Financial Manager

I am trustworthy, caring, and compassionate. My strength is: I am a perfectionist. Myrna has been with the OSEC team since 2003. She handles all our event budgets, invoices, audits and recons.


Guest Liaison

I am unpredictable, gorgeous, and passionate. My strengths: I’m determined, and eager to make the impossible possible. Vee has been with the team since October 2008. She manages various in-house Contact Centres for client events, which includes the entire RSVP process and reporting.


Guest Liaison & Senior Event Manager

I am a party animal, optimistic, and responsible. My strengths are: I make the best out of any situation. Pam joined the OSEC team in 2004 and works on Microsoft and Dell EMC. She also handles the Guest Liaison for various key clients.

Senior Event and Operations Manager

I am passionate, observant and quirky. My strength: Detail orientated and loyal. Shelley has been with the team since March 2010 and works on various client events. She is also our Operations Manager and manages internal business processes and procedures.

Production Manager

I am quiet, devoted, and submissive. My strengths: Working, singing and praising. Sonny has been with the company since 2007. He is our go-to guy for collections, and deliveries; he also provides support on-site at event setup and strike.